Amber Miller

Funeral Director

Amber was born and raised in Oconomowoc, WI, and after graduating from Oconomowoc High School in 2006, she began her studies at the University of Minnesota. She was finishing up her Biology degree when she began to think about Mortuary Science. Through her own personal experiences, she knew that being a helping hand to others was a career path that she would find the most rewarding. So, after a conversation with her college advisor, she applied and was accepted to the Program of Mortuary Science in 2010.

In 2012, Amber graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology, Society, and Environment, a Bachelor of Science degree in Mortuary Science, and a Spanish Studies minor. All while completing her three degrees, she enjoyed playing in intramural soccer and volleyball, and participating in student activities.

In March of 2011, during her studies in the program, Amber started an internship at the O’Connell Family Funeral Home, that has since developed into a full-time position following her graduation. Because of the influence of some incredible mentors, Amber has thoroughly enjoyed working with and helping families in the community. Her passion for caring for families as if they were her own makes each and every day incredibly rewarding.

In her free time outside of work, Amber enjoys taking advantage of the summers by being on the water, painting, baking, playing recreation league soccer, getting her hands dirty in the garden, downhill skiing, listening to music, and attending concerts.